T-Rex Tool Multi-driver Set (Checkout)

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The T-REX Multi Flex Driver is more than just a screwdriver.  It is actually the world’s first “Truly Ergonomic” ratcheting multi tool.  

The T-REX handle is shaped like a little ‘Stick Figure’ man, with his arms extended out at arching 45 degree angles, creating the optimal strength for leverage. You need only simply “Flex” your forearm to use safely & efficiently.  

That’s because the T-REX rests between your fingers, completely eliminating the need to squeeze or wrench tightly, while rotating with sensitive hands & wrists. Your forearm, wrist, palm & fingers will remain in sturdy alignment, giving you the ultimate ergonomically correct leverage over whatever task you’re completing.   

“The T-REX puts the Torque in the tool, not your hand or wrists”. The T-REX Multi Flex Driver is 100% Recyclable. There are no co-mingled materials such as “Polyurethane” which is often used to cushion ratchet & screwdriver handles. The T-REX Multi Flex Driver will never end up in a landfill ever!  

The T-REX set includes over 83 pieces, replacing at least 7 other tools including Sockets both English & Metric, Hex Drivers, Nut Setters, Speed Drives, Extensions & Pozi’s. 

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